Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Reading Fun with Book Clubs!

Hopefully you all are winding down your school year and settling into your summertime routine!  I know I am!  It will take me a couple of weeks to program myself to sleep in, though.  My challenge now is to  make sure my two kids get their summer reading going as they prepare for another year in high school next year!  As I pulled up their summer reading assignments I started thinking back to when my son, Derek was in the second grade!  He was in what we called a dream class with a small number of students, many of them teacher’s children or neighbors that we knew really well.  Several of us moms were talking and said that we needed to keep our boys reading over the summer.  So...we decided to make a book club!  There were six boys and all of the moms taught with me (which was wonderful!)  We all belonged to different community pools and knew that the boys would enjoy organized book chats while visiting each other’s pools.    We scheduled six different chapter books with six different pool party dates!  We had a “Book club host” that organized snacks and the craftivity/book discussion.   Basically, each parent signed up for a date and a book and the boys did their activity... then played!   The pools worked well for us but you could do playgrounds, dollar movies, tea parties for girls, painting pottery, park activities, sports days, or whatever interests your kids might have. 
                Book clubs are a great way to keep your kids reading.  
As far as choosing the books you could use there are tons of resources out there!  Check out some below.  I personally love the Spaghetti Book Club because it is "kid reviews" of the books.
Reading to Kids has a wonderful list of teacher recommended books by grade levels for book clubs!  Love it!
Book Clubs Resource has some tips and suggestions for running a book club and getting your books. 

I have made some Summer Book Club freebies here for you to use if you decide to do a book club with your kiddos! 

I'd also love for you to check out my Summer Book Club packet I just posted on TpT!  Please follow me on Teacherspayteachers for more teaching resources and packets!  

Thanks friends and happy reading this summer!-Yvonne 


  1. I think this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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