Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Class Pics and a Freebie!

Hi friends!  Wow...just finished my formal observation (whew!!!)...glad that is over with!  Now, I can relax and enjoy Halloween with my kids.  I wanted to share some of the class pics that I've taken and share some cool ideas I've been trying out this school year!
My formal observation was on Measurement and Data for Second Grade.  What a fun unit to teach this time of the year!  I made a cute little graphing center to support my unit if you'd like it.  Click here or on the picture below if you'd like my Fun Fall Graphing center!

If you haven't seen Shelley Gray's Early Finisher's Board then you seriously need to check it out.  I started using it about three weeks ago and my students LOVE it!  It is a blessing to have in your classroom.  It helps me when I am teaching reading groups and need something "extra" for my other students to do when finished with centers and morning work.  
Here are pictures of my board.  Click on the pics to link to her store.  Changing skills every two weeks seems to go quickly.  Well worth it!   Thanks Shelley!

Bucket tickets are great for positive discipline and class community building.  I have so enjoyed using Mel D's Bucket Filler activity tickets from her Bucket Filler starter kit.  I read the books she suggested and practiced how to give appropriate comments to "Fill Buckets" with my students..   We have our own student buckets in a shoe/pocket chart in the room.  My students are enjoying using Mel's tickets to compliment/fill other people's buckets.  Great idea Mel!  Click on the picture to see Mel's free packet.
I think my absolute favorite classroom incentive/management idea for this year so far is our class...Cookie Compliments and Brownie Points board!  I saw this idea on Jessica Heeren's blog...Mrs. Heeren's Happenings.  Great idea!  I first tried to adhere/glue a lightweight cookie pan to my wall and realized that it would not stay.  It kept falling off the wall.  I then decided to have UPS make me a laminated cookie pan (tagboard) and it worked beautifully!  My students are constructing arrays of cookies for class compliments and brags. Once our cookie sheets are full, we vote on a class celebration!  Jessica has given us all a great resource to use here for class management.

Overall, we are having a blast learning how to fill each others' buckets and giving class compliments.  I hope you can use these resources.   

Have a wonderful week!-Yvonne Dixon