Monday, June 25, 2012

3rd Grade Common Core Notebook!

Yay!   After two weeks of working, I've finished my Third Grade Common Core Notebook!  Now I will begin my notebook for first grade!  I've had so many nice comments and requests for these packets in different grade levels.  It will be so nice to use these resources this year with my students and I hope they help you all as well!  If you are a third grade teacher you will love the amount of goodies in this download to help your students organize their work samples and Common Core checklists.  As I use the second grade notebook this year with my students I will post pictures for all to see!  I would love for you all to check out this loaded 243 paged packet!  Thanks friends and have a good night!-Yvonne :)
*Parent Letter Explaining Portfolio Based Notebook

*Outline of “Third Grade at a Glance” (List of Common Core Standards) 

*Common Core EQ Posters (125 cards)

*Strand/Domain Dividers (11) (Coded by Pictures) 

*Common Core Word Wall Words (183 cards)

*My Common Core Standard Sheet 

*Work Sample (Evidence of Learning Form)

*My Common Core Conference Form (Student-Led Conferences)

*Formative or Summative “ I Can…” Skills Checklists
 Core “ I Can…” Goal Tickets

*My ABC's and 123's of Common Core Learning Sheet

*Student Common Core "Tickets" (Cut/Paste on Assignments)

*Common Core Teacher Labels (Peel and Stick on Lesson Plans and 
Worksheets Prior to Bulk Copying)-Use Avery 8160 Labels

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teaching First Celebration!

Hi friends!  I wanted to do a happy shout out for a sweet friend of mine!  Becca at Teaching First is a doll and she is celebrating reaching 500 followers on her precious blog!  If you haven't visited her, you really should!  I LOVE her ideas and products!  She is giving away an awesome binding machine with combs from that I know we would all really love to have in our classrooms!   In addition you could win goodies from Erica Bohrer, Hadar from Miss Kindergarten, and Jennifer from Rowdy in First!  I am giving away a "Winner's Choice" packet from my TpT store!  Make sure you go over and congratulate Becca and don't miss out on her Fantastic 500 Follower Giveaway!   Way to go Becca!-Yvonne :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Tutoring Freebies!

Hi everyone!  I was just wondering how many of you teacher friends out there are tutoring this summer?  I have a little something that might come in handy if you are working with K-2 students or even your own children at home!:)  Several years ago I had the good fortune to receive my training as a Reading Recovery teacher!  Those of you who are blessed to be able to teach Reading know how valuable this program is.  I LOVED being a Reading Recovery Teacher and would do it again in a heartbeat if my district implemented the program!  Basically, it is designed for first grade students who are struggling with the reading and writing process.  I taught it for several years before moving to the county I teach in now!:)  The practices I used when teaching Reading Recovery have come in so handy with my small group instruction and tutoring students one on one in my own classroom.
Well...this summer I am working with a PRECIOUS K-1 child to help accelerate her reading process.  I am so enjoying her and wanted to share with you all! Her mom emailed me right before we got out for the summer asking if I could help her with reading.  So we set up a plan for 10 learning sessions (an hour each time), I loaded up my reading basket with books, and then I was off to the dollar store!  I am so hooked on the dollar store!  Here are some of the goodies I use for my lessons...
I usually begin with getting to know you activities/sight word checks and running records to find out what my student already knows.  Once I've determined the instructional reading level...
I head straight to my predictable readers to find books that will build on what the child already knows!  We start with a little word work/writing review to warm up our lesson.  Then we move into reading familiar  books for fluency practice.  After that, I take a running record of the book that was read the lesson before (only 1 reading).  Then we write a story in the art pad about that book.  This is partner writing (the child chooses our color for the day...she has a pen and so do I), next, we take that same sentence to a sentence strip and do a cut-up sentence puzzle! Great for phrasing and fluency practice! I place it in an envelope for her to practice later.  We conclude our lesson with the introduction of a new book (which will be the running record book for the next session).

Her Kinder teacher filled me in on her reading levels/needs so I had a head start before our first session together. I completed a Predictions of Progress Sheet and made a copy to give her parents at our first session.  I've given you a "sample" Predictions of Progress to help you see how I would use it!  Each lesson incorporates reading of familiar texts (to build fluency/phrasing /expression), word work activities, new books for instructional teaching opportunities, assessment with a running record to monitor reading behaviors and progress, and writing.  Here are pics of the freebies below!  I made them in color and b&w.  Hope you can use them!  Thanks friends and happy tutoring!-Yvonne

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"My Common Core Standards Based Notebook!"

Hi everyone!  Finally... it stopped raining and I can see some beautiful sunshine!!!  It has rained for three days solid here in Athens, Georgia and I am going outside to cut my grass.  Sounds like fun doesn't it!  I admit it!  I am one of those nerdy "green thumb" types that loves to work in the yard!  The grass is literally up to my knees but I love it!
Anyway...I wanted to let you all know that I have added some features to My Common Core Second Grade Standards Based Notebook!    I blogged about it a couple of nights ago and told you how excited I am to have it completed!!!  I am so happy to share it with you and hope you will check it out, especially if your state has adopted the Common Core Standards!  In addition to all the Essential Question cards, Word Wall Cards, Student Recording Sheets, "I Can"...Checklists for assessments, and child-friendly graphics for coding of the Domains/Standards... I've added Student Cut & Paste Tickets and Teacher Common Core Labels for Lesson Plans and Worksheets!  These will be super easy to help you show evidence of teaching the Standards and students will take ownership in gluing their tickets on their work samples!  
    If you have already purchased the packet...PLEASE make sure you download again to get your new Common Core Resources.  I really wanted this Common Core Portfolio/Notebook to be the best it could be for us all... and I feel these additional resources will really come in handy!  Oh...I almost forgot... I also added another student recording sheet titled ABC's and 123's of Learning!  I am going to use this as a journal page in each domain section of the notebook (for students to reflect upon their learning of the Standards).  Thanks friends and I hope you will check it out!  Now...I am heading out to do some much needed yard work!  Talk with you later!-Yvonne :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spelling City Premium Membership Winner!

Okay blogging buddies!  Here we go.  I am so happy to pull the winner of our Premium Membership Giveaway!  Congratulations to...Caroline Brantley!  I am so happy for you Caroline!  Now you can get your PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for  (value of $49.99) for winning this giveaway!   You will have up to 25 student accounts on free!  I will email you in the morning and send you your membership information! Thanks everyone for participating in this fun giveaway and for following me here on Sassy in Second!  On another note...(please check below) I have something really special I want to tell you about!

  1.                   Caroline BrantleyJune 2, 2012 6:32 PM
    After a whole MONTH of working on something special...I am excited to share with you "My Common Core Standards Based Notebook!" for 2nd Grade!  I finished it this weekend and posted it today! (Yippee!!!)  It is LOADED with 190 pages that include:
    97 Essential Question Posters, 
    10 Domain Posters (notebook dividers), 177 Word Wall Vocabulary Cards, 2nd grade Standards at a glance, a parent letter explaining about standards based notebooks, standard recording sheets, work sample evidence of learning sheets, and much more!
    I have used portfolio assessment for years!  I love the idea of my students collecting work samples, discussing what they've accomplished, and reflecting upon their learning.  Portfolios help with collections of assessment materials and are amazing resources to have for parent/teacher conferences!  
    With the Common Core Standards being implemented I knew it was time to update my portfolio checklists and recording sheets.  I created them to be student friendly by "coding" the standards/domains with adorable graphics to be more age-appropriate!  These pictures will help my students identify the domains and record the Standards, Key Vocabulary (Word Wall Words), and Essential Questions on their student recording sheets.  I have been so tickled that several teachers commented on this packet today and wanted more information!  I've had requests for other grade levels as well!  So exciting!  Let me know what you think.  Thanks friends!-Yvonne

    My kiddos will use these "I Can" checklists (I have them for all of the domains and standards)  to self-assess their individual progress.  These will be great for them to share with their parents when they have their student-led conferences.  I really want to incorporate student-led conferencing with my Second Graders this year so I've included a form as a component of this portfolio!  
    These are just some of the student recording sheets I am providing for my kiddos!  They will use Standard Recording Forms, Evidence of Learning Sheets (to write what they did to learn),  a Student-led Conference Form as a guide for conferences (it ties right into the format of the portfolio), goal tickets, and "I Can...Skills Checklist forms!  These are written in easy to read child friendly language for my kiddos to use all year long!

    I can't wait to use these with my class this year!  I know it will take LOTS of student/teacher conferencing along with peer discussions to make this Common Core Notebook work but I think it will be amazing!  Having my kids keep up with their work samples, taking pictures of their learning projects, checking "I Can" skills checklists (which by the way are written in child friendly language) and doing student-led parent conferences will be powerful!  I'll keep you posted about what works best for me!  Thanks everyone!  Have a great night!-Yvonne


Friday, June 1, 2012

Woohoo! Surprise!

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you all have some fun weekend plans ahead!  I have a little surprise to help you get it started!  Those who work with me know that I am a serious lover of the website Spelling City!  I'm sure you know of it but just in case you don' are missing out!  I love this site and have used it now for several years to reinforce spelling and vocabulary skills.  My word lists are loaded with my reading stories and my spelling lists where my kiddos can access them from home for word work and practice tests!  The cool part about it is absolutely FREE to use the basic spelling word lists. we go!  Now you can get the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for  (value of $49.99) if you win this giveaway!  Not only will your babies be able to use it for spelling lists and vocabulary...they will be able to do tons more!  You will have up to 25 student accounts on free!  Check out below what else your kiddos will have access to!
I will pull the lucky winner Sunday night (June 10th)!  All I am asking is that you become a follower of my Teacherspayteachers store and my blog (here at Sassy in Second)!  That is it!  Leave me a note below with your contact information and I'll get back with you if you are the lucky winner!  Thanks so much and I'd like to personally thank Spelling City for donating such an amazing and valuable teaching resource!  Have a great weekend friends!-Yvonne :)