Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week Three!

Things are going great at school!  I am getting to know my kids and settling into our routine.  What a sweet group.  We started centers last week along with math tubs.  Everyone is learning how to rotate to a new math tub each day and how to read the task cards.  I always stress to the kids to help each other with the task cards and to make sure that everyone in their math tub understands what he/she should be doing.  Math tubs are a "talk time" in my room.  This allows for the students to discuss their math understandings.  I noticed this week that one student was struggling with a base ten activity I had placed in a math tub.  I just watched for a minute to see what she would do.  I was proud to see her ask for the task card and ask the others in her group what to do.  Once she understood the directions, she took off.  I walked over and saw that some of her answers were not quite right. She tended to confuse the hundreds place with the ones.   I stressed that she "discuss" this with her group and ask them to explain the way they figured the place value out.  I stood back and watched as the others "taught" her (they did not give her the answers) how to tell the difference between the ones, tens, and hundreds using base ten blocks.  I was so excited!  They were getting the idea that I am not the only teacher in the room!!!   These are the moments why I love teaching! Thanks!-Yvonne

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Here are some of my Classroom Pics!

I took some pictures of my classroom before Open House on Tuesday!
This is from my "Every Day is a Special Day" packet.  For "Name That Number Thursday" I chose to laminate my student recording forms and clip them to the back of my metal cabinet for easy access for students.  Each Thursday I will post a "number of the day" on the black chalkboard in the center.  The students will work with partners and use Visa Vis Markers on the student recording forms to show me what they know about that number (ex:  Show that value in money, make a word problem, show in base ten blocks, etc...).  Once they are finished they will "teach and tell" the class what they know before clipping the forms back on the cabinet.
Each year I have a "Reader's Chair" time built into our day when the children are "encouraged" to read aloud to the class.  This is an excellent time for my kiddos to practice fluency and expression while reading to others.  I use incentive charts and stickers to encourage the readings.  This year I decided to use my Every Day is a Special Day Incentive Charts that say they are working on reading goals.  They have the precious back to school stick kids on them and my students love them!
I have this "castle of school subjects" glued to my classroom door for my "ticket out the door" cards.  When we are going to activity classes, recess, lunch, etc... I pull a card from a pocket and ask the kids to answer essential questions as "tickets out the door".

To display my "Every Day is a Special Day" posters...I cut them out and put magnetic tape on them.  I am introducing each one as I am teaching "each special day".  I will take them on and off the board according to which special day we are doing. More pics are coming!  Keep posted!  Thanks-Yvonne

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Great First Day of School!

I hope you all had a wonderful first day of school!  Today was our first day with kids!  We went back to school for pre-planning last Thursday and I have been working like a crazy lady in my room getting everything ready for my kiddos.  We had open house yesterday and I met all of my parents and students.  My class is precious (14 girls and 6 boys) -Wow...I've NEVER had numbers like that before.  I am taking pictures of my room this week and will download for you to see tomorrow.  My schedule is going to be the same as last year' worked well for me!  Several of you have asked how my day is planned.  Here it goes if you are interested (This might seem long-sorry):
7:30-8:20  Once the children unpack their book bags and make lunch choices they go to Math Tubs.  I have a table that is always Tub 1.  Tubs 2-5 are stationed around the room.  Once I get my students at my table going on their activity, I walk around and help others.
8:20-8:45  Math Problem of the Day/Math Journals:  This is a time when we work on a word problem on the board together.  We analyze and show multiple ways to solve problems together.
8:45-9:10  Whole group Math Lesson
9:10-9:30  Whole group Language Lessons (Spelling/Making Words/LA)
9:30-10:10  Reading Group 1
10:10-10-50  Reading Group 2
10:50-11:30  Reading Group 3
(The children that are not at my reading table are working on independent work and tic-tac-toe centers).
11:30 -12:10  Art/Music/P.E.
12:15-12:25  B.E.A.R. Time (Be Excited About Reading) Silent reading time
12:25-12:55  Lunch
1:00-1:30  Recess
1:30-2:00  Writing Workshop/Science/Social Studies/Health
2:00-2:15  Reader's Chair  (Students take turns reading to the class in the reader's chair to earn stickers for their reader's charts).
2:15-2:25  Afternoon "Meeting" to discuss any problems we might have had or to give each other compliments.  This is SO important to teach kids how to get along and solve their own problems.
  ...Then we pack up and go home!  Busy, busy, busy day...but fun!  Thanks!-Yvonne

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Autumn Math and Literacy Centers Just Posted!

If you liked my Team Sports Literacy Centers with a Tic-Tac-Toe rubric then you need to check out my new...Autumn Math and Literacy Center Packet I just posted on TPT!  Let me know what you think!  Here are some of the pics from the pack.  Back to school tomorrow!  It is our first day of pre-planning!  Thanks! -Yvonne