Thursday, May 10, 2012

Muffins for Moms!

Wow!  What a crazy busy week I've had at school!  In addition to all the excitement for Teacher Appreciation Week, we've had so many other things going on.  Our school spends the two weeks after CRCT on Project Based Learning which is amazing!   The children choose from a list of activities (ranging from Piano 101 to learning how to play Rugby) and we implement those activities school-wide in the afternoons.  I taught a health and fitness class with one of my third grade friends Tiffany!  Thank goodness she had done this before because she knew exactly what to do.  Last year I helped with sewing( that was a joke...I don't sew! I was pretty good at ironing though!)  Tiffany lined up yoga lessons, jazzercise, a visit from a pediatrician, jogging for the Couch to 5K program on the track one day, and a gymnastics teacher for tumbling. In between all the physical fun we taught lessons on healthy eating habits and overall fitness!  LOVED it!  We also wrapped up our MAP testing this week (woo-hoo!) and we are having our Muffins for Moms tomorrow.  I wanted to share with you the goodies my students made.  We made "memory pots" with black and white pics of the kids on them.  Here are the pictures of them and a couple of shots I took of my room before I left school today!  These are easy breezy to make!
1.  Paint pots white with tempera paint (school washable paint).
2.  Ask parents to send in black/white pics of the kids on copy paper.
3.  Students cut out their pics and use a paintbrush to paint Modpodge all over the pots.  It looks like glue and is easy to work with!  The more you paint...the shinier they are.  It acts as a gloss coat so you don't need to spray with clear spray paint.
4.  Once dry-tie a ribbon around the rim of the pot!  I actually hot glued the ribbon for the kids.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow with their Mother's Day Celebrations!  We also have field day right afterward!  I know...crazy isn't it!!!   Just 6 MORE DAYS TILL SUMMER!  Thanks-Yvonne


  1. I absolutely adore these!! These are on my to-do list for next Mother's Day! :)


  2. Your memory pots are awesome! I bet they are a big hit with your moms. It is a very useful, yet touching gift. Thanks for sharing how to make them!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade