Sunday, October 2, 2011

My kiddos at their Autumn Centers!

Hi sweet friends.  I just got finished cackling at my favorite show (Desperate Housewives) and thought I would download some of my center pictures/math tubs from the past couple of weeks!!!
This is my Greater Than/Less Than Fun Fall Bear Tiered Math Tub!  I made three copies of the sorting mat (one for each level) You can see cards that were sorted were leveled by three tiers.  I gave the pretest the week before so the kids were able to do this tub on their own from a basket on the floor.  They knew which leveled bag to pull their cards from based on the pretest.  Loved it!  It really showed me who had a good sense of number value and who still needed extra support.

Here is my Autumn Words ABC order center from my Autumn Math and Literacy Centers!  The kids loved doing these this past week!  I just love Fall!!!

Here is one of my students comparing/contrasting my "Bob" and "Charlie" Scarecrows on the Venn Diagram from my Autumn Math and Literacy Center Packet.  I hope to find more graphics in the future that allow me to compare like this one did!  I thought the bears were cute!

Just a note...check back this Friday!!!  I will have a Freebie Friday item that I hope you will enjoy!!!  Have a great week at school and with your families!!!-Yvonne

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