Friday, March 23, 2012

Grab a Graph!

One of the things I LOVE about the teaching profession is how we all collaborate and help each other!  I've had many student teachers over the years and I so love the excitement and knowledge they bring to my classroom each time!  This year I am blessed with a precious student teacher who is doing a fabulous job with my students!  She has been teaching graphing and data for a couple of weeks now (in addition to all the many other skills she is trying to get in before Benchmark testing!)  I asked her if I could share some pics from a graphing booklet she made with my kiddos.  Here they are!  I thought they all understood the standards beautifully once she completed this project!  She had them all break up into groups to survey different classrooms and design tally tables and bar graphs to paste in a booklet.  Here are the pics and I've also included copies of the graphs if you'd like to download them.  Hope you can use them!  Thanks!-Yvonne


  1. I love having my kiddos write about their graphs! Thanks for this :)

  2. Thanks Jen! I woke up this morning and looked again and noticed that the numbering was off on the first sheet if you downloaded this earlier! Make sure you get the fixed copy!:) Thank you!-Yvonne