Friday, August 16, 2013

Jump Into School with a Sale!

Hi everyone!  Started school eight days ago with my 25 little sweeties and am LOVING my new group.  Lots of cutie pies who love to hug and give sweet notes. Great way to start the year!  If you have already started back, I hope you are enjoying your new babes as well.
SOOO excited to announce that on Sunday the 18th and Monday the 19th... TpT is having our annual BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!  Everything in my store will be 20% off and you will get an additional percentage off offering you amazing discounts up to 28% off on all of your teaching packets! 
 Remember to type in your promo code BTS13 to get all of your discounts.
The day before preplanning I whipped up this little bulletin board set for my hallway display.  Nothing fancy...just a little something if you would like to grab your own.  My theme is...Jump Into 2nd Grade!  I thought it would serve the purpose of going back to school and a fall display.  I try to keep things in my hallway that are seasonal so I don't have to change them often. Sorry about the lighting and angle of the pictures....I took the pics after school after the custodians had turned out the hallway lights and I couldn't back up anymore to get a full shot. Click HERE or on the picture if you want to grab your own.  Instead of Mrs. Dixon's Class you can use the poster that says "Welcome To Our 2nd Grade Class" or 4th grade or whatever grade you teach! 

You might have noticed that we have stories hanging from our hooks.  These are our first writings for the year!  Last week I had my students do a writing sample from a prompt.  I used my Writing Workshop Prompts for a Complete School Year tickets.  Here is the prompt I gave them from our pocket chart:
They were really pumped about this!  We brainstormed and talked about what it means to write a narrative and what all is included in a narrative piece.  Once they brainstormed their ideas on a web they wrote their stories on their publishing page or final copy page and cut out their own prompt tickets to staple to the front of their stories...
Each month I am placing my prompts in our Writing Workshop pocket chart.  Once students are more experienced with the three types of writing and how to use our graphic organizers they will choose their prompt for the week and write during our "Write to Self" time...
Students will conference with me during teacher table time or small groups.  So excited about using these prompts this year along with my graphic organizers for writing!

I've had an unbelievable response to my Common Core Daily Practice Sheets for Second Grade!  Thank you!  Many of y'all have asked for bundled packets for the school year.  I am tickled to offer you my seasonal packets that include both Math and ELA practice sheets for each month of the school year!  Click HERE or on the pictures to check them out!  My students really enjoyed these this past school year and I look forward to having them again.  Here is my Fall Bundle...
I also have a Winter and Spring Bundle to complete the entire school year...
Spring Bundle...
Of course you can buy these individually if you would prefer certain months over others.
These are just a few of the goodies I have on sale for you starting Sunday!  I hope you will consider these in addition to my other teaching packets.  Click on the pictures below if you'd like to take a peek at some of my other items and best sellers.  I can't wait to grab some goodies from my TpT friends. 
Have a wonderful weekend and have fun shopping!-Yvonne

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