Friday, August 3, 2012

Groove Giveaway Winner!

Hi there sweet bloggin friends!  Whew!  Two days back in the groove and I think I've had a total of 3 hours in my classroom!  I know meetings are a necessity but...good grief!  Actually, one we had today was VERY informative about Common Core and the idea of using power standards.  Anyone else using power standards with the Common Core?   Just wondering.  It sounds like our county is focusing on the most important standards and calling them power standards. that our preplanning meetings are over with,  I can focus on getting everything ready for Open House on Tuesday!  I so appreciate all of you for participating in my "Get in the Groove Giveaway!"  I have to admit I really enjoyed being home this summer spending time with my kids, going to the pool, and spending my mornings drinking coffee while working on the computer.  I didn't go to the school one time during the summer.  I still have lots to do before my new bunch of second graders come on Tuesday! I loved reading your comments on when you all were going back and I love that several of you are new to blogging!  You will love it and make lots of friends through blog hopping!  I know I have.  I appreciate you all following me here on Sassy in Second and am happy to let you know we have a winner!  Here you go...
Congratulations Dray!  You are the lucky winner!  I am also your newest follower.  Everyone check out Dray's adorable blog...Second Grade is Sweet!

I also have some pics here of my classroom!  
I took these when I first went back in my room.  It was a cleaning day for me (about a week ago) with bleaching and sanitizing everything in the room.  I spent a lot of time organizing my book baskets and cabinets as well.
I spent a whole day cleaning out my cabinets and organizing my art cabinet.  I wanted to put everything in plastic containers with lids and labels.  
This is how I store my centers and packets.  I place each one in gallon-sized baggies and stack them in large plastic tubs.  It sure was nice the other day to pull these out and see what all is "already" made for this year.  I am so thankful I started making new materials last year!  My old centers were looking real shabby.  I needed to update my materials! Looking forward to another great year of making centers, tiered math tubs, and lots of other goodies.
I try to keep things posted where my kiddos can see them easily.  I post all of my EQ's at the front of the room with magnetic clips.  This year I plan to use my Common Core EQ posters here!

Now that you've seen some "before" pics...I can't wait to show the "after pics" in a couple of days.  I am making my goody bags (or I should say I have my daughter putting them together for me) this weekend and getting everything labeled in my room.  Check back on Tuesday to see how everything looks!  I also will post pictures of my Common Core Notebooks to let you see where I am with those. I can't wait to start using those with my kids!!!   Have a great night friends and I hope those of you going back to school this next week are "Getting  Back in your Groove" as well!  Thanks-Yvonne :)


  1. OMG!!!!! You are amazing!!!!! I just started blog hopping and was googling "math tubs" and found you!!!!! You are officially my savior!! I plan on purchasing all of your math tubs on tpt and setting them up when we get back to school in September. I do have one question if you don't mind.... I'm curious how you set up your math tubs in your room and display them with all the materials?? I can't wait to buy these!!!! Thank you for your incredible work!!!

    2nd grade

  2. Hi Anna! Welcome to blog hopping! It is so much fun to find others that you have so much in common with. I LOVE using my math tubs and would be more than happy to help you with them! I began math tubs several years ago when I learned about the "Math Their Way" program which I feel is wonderful! "Tub Time" begins in the morning in my classroom (from 7:30-8:15 or so) and allows for kids to come in, unpack, and settle into their assigned math activity. The activities I use involve lots of hands-on manipulation of base ten blocks, counters, game pieces, shapes, etc... I use math tubs as a time to focus solely on hands-on math activities and assessment. I have five rotations and walk around the room assisting when needed and taking notes for assessment. Does this help? Again, I really enjoy using tiered tubs and plan to make more this school year! I am sure I will talk more about them this school year so watch for future posts. Thanks for following me and welcome to blogging!-Yvonne :)

  3. Hi, Yvonne. I am new to blogging and will "hopefully" return to the classroom this year after a long absence. Would you share what you put in your "goody bags" for your new kids? Thanks.
    email: Thank you.