Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Math Journal Prompts- A Complete School Year!

Woohoo!  I am excited to let you all know that it is finally Math Journal Prompts -A Complete School Year!    I've had lots of requests for this bundle to make it easier for you guys to purchase your math journal prompts by the month (plus you get a discounted price for buying the set).  I appreciate all the sweet comments about how they have helped your students with higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving strategies!  I love using math journals.  This year I plan to start on day one with my August prompt tickets and establish a routine for student-teacher conferencing.  I believe I will keep my routine pretty much the same but will allow time at the "end" of my school day for students to come to me individually to read their problems to me and have our math discussions.  Math time is busy, busy, busy in the mornings between math tub time, morning problem tickets, and a whole group lesson.  I plan to post quite a bit when we start back to school in a couple of weeks to let you all know my routine and how it goes!  Anyway...thanks again for those of you who have already purchased these prompts and I hope they work well for your students!  -Yvonne :)


  1. Thanks for doing this. I'll have to find it on TpT. I didn't see the link for it. Thanks for doing this for us to help us out - and the kids!! It's so nice for others to share their resources. I can't create things, but I do proofread/edit for others, so let me know if I can ever help you out. This is an area I'm good at!!
    Susan in NC

  2. I clicked on the picture and got there. Thanks.

  3. Awesome Math Journal Prompts~ Thanks for creating these~

  4. I mentioned your great Common Core Notebook in my blog post today. I hope you will come over and check it out!