Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Tutoring Freebies!

Hi everyone!  I was just wondering how many of you teacher friends out there are tutoring this summer?  I have a little something that might come in handy if you are working with K-2 students or even your own children at home!:)  Several years ago I had the good fortune to receive my training as a Reading Recovery teacher!  Those of you who are blessed to be able to teach Reading know how valuable this program is.  I LOVED being a Reading Recovery Teacher and would do it again in a heartbeat if my district implemented the program!  Basically, it is designed for first grade students who are struggling with the reading and writing process.  I taught it for several years before moving to the county I teach in now!:)  The practices I used when teaching Reading Recovery have come in so handy with my small group instruction and tutoring students one on one in my own classroom.
Well...this summer I am working with a PRECIOUS K-1 child to help accelerate her reading process.  I am so enjoying her and wanted to share with you all! Her mom emailed me right before we got out for the summer asking if I could help her with reading.  So we set up a plan for 10 learning sessions (an hour each time), I loaded up my reading basket with books, and then I was off to the dollar store!  I am so hooked on the dollar store!  Here are some of the goodies I use for my lessons...
I usually begin with getting to know you activities/sight word checks and running records to find out what my student already knows.  Once I've determined the instructional reading level...
I head straight to my predictable readers to find books that will build on what the child already knows!  We start with a little word work/writing review to warm up our lesson.  Then we move into reading familiar  books for fluency practice.  After that, I take a running record of the book that was read the lesson before (only 1 reading).  Then we write a story in the art pad about that book.  This is partner writing (the child chooses our color for the day...she has a pen and so do I), next, we take that same sentence to a sentence strip and do a cut-up sentence puzzle! Great for phrasing and fluency practice! I place it in an envelope for her to practice later.  We conclude our lesson with the introduction of a new book (which will be the running record book for the next session).

Her Kinder teacher filled me in on her reading levels/needs so I had a head start before our first session together. I completed a Predictions of Progress Sheet and made a copy to give her parents at our first session.  I've given you a "sample" Predictions of Progress to help you see how I would use it!  Each lesson incorporates reading of familiar texts (to build fluency/phrasing /expression), word work activities, new books for instructional teaching opportunities, assessment with a running record to monitor reading behaviors and progress, and writing.  Here are pics of the freebies below!  I made them in color and b&w.  Hope you can use them!  Thanks friends and happy tutoring!-Yvonne


  1. Awesome! I'm tutoring this summer and this will totally help organized my tutoring! Thanks!

  2. I LOVE Reading Recovery! I taught it for a full year, and then I also used my training extensively while teaching Kindergarten. Thanks for posting this!

    1. Great! So glad you ladies can use these! you do any kind of continuing contact classes for Reading Recovery? I did for a few years but the last conference or anything I went to for Reading Recover was several years ago in Ohio. Just wondering if they still have continuing contact classes. Would love to stay current! Thanks!:)-Yvonne

    2. Get Continuing Contact ours through Ashland University in Ashland Ohio. Are you going to the RR Conference in Columbus this year?

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  4. You're making me nostalgic...I was a Reading Recovery teacher for 7 years and loved, loved, loved it! I still implement the strategies during my small group lessons. I think all teachers should be trained Reading Recovery teachers.:) Thanks for sharing!
    Oceans of First Grade Fun

  5. Awesome materials. I really want to send my children to long island tutoring before the school year starts this year. I want their summer to be productive and fun at the same time. I think tutoring would really help them in school.