Friday, April 20, 2012

Sassy Cat Beach Centers...Finally!!!

Whew!  I finally finished my "Sassy Cat Goes to the Beach" Math and Literacy Centers!  This has been one busy week for all of us at school.  I am so glad our Benchmark testing is over!!!  Time to go out tonight and relax with my hubby!  I've been working evenings to finish up my first Sassy Cat Center packet (to go with my Sassy Cat Spending Spree Math Tub) and hope you will go on over to my store to check it out!  I look forward to using these centers with my own students!  I've also downloaded my Sassy Cat Sand Play Pronouns "freebie" as a sample for you all! Be sure to get this as well for your summer fun activities.
I decided to add an extra option with this download!  I received a comment from someone that I'd like to share...
"I LOVE your centers, I just wish they weren't all in color or that you gave B&W and Color options. Keep up the great ideas."
I wrote back...  "Thank you for your purchase and feedback on my Math and Literacy Centers! I so appreciate you mentioning the color options. I wasn't aware that teachers would want B&W as an option for center pieces until you mentioned it. I've made a B&W answer sheet but not center pieces. I decided to make my center packets from here on out with both options thanks to your suggestion. Thank you for that! Please check out my Sassy Cat Goes to the Beach coming this week with color and B&W center pieces. I hope this will make things easier for you and other teachers to prepare centers/activities for your students. Thanks again!"-Yvonne Dixon (Sassy in Second)So...  I decided to offer...  BLACK AND WHITE OPTION INCLUDED IN THIS DOWNLOAD! These centers give you the option of printing in color on cardstock or black and white on colored construction paper!   Each page is duplicated to make it easier for teachers to prepare. I hope this works well for everyone! 

On another week I need to begin making Mother's Day crafts.  We do "Muffins for Moms" in Second grade at our school and the children present their moms with special gifts and goodies!  I need to hit up Pinterest to get some cute ideas!  I'd love to know what everyone else is planning to do.  If you have a cool idea you'd like to share please leave a note below!  Thanks and have a great night everyone!-Yvonne


  1. That looks fantastic!! Can I ask how you turned the full color pages into B&W? I've been trying to figure that out on my creations to save some ink!


  2. Great job!! What I don't understand is why can't people just click on "grayscale" before printing out the centers??? It drives me nuts! I would understand if the graphics were blackline, but when we just change them to grayscale before saving as a pdf, it just makes more work for us! That's just my rant! Anyway, I love your stuff :)


  3. Thanks guys! Maxey and Hadar....I literally had to convert all the png images into grayscale images. It took some time but I think it looks great to do that. I tried setting my printer to a black/white (grayscale) option with the colored background and it didn't look as clear. Go figure-maybe I am missing something. It takes some time but I think the final product looks better when I convert to grayscale first then make a pdf. Thanks for your great comments!

  4. Just found your blog! I am your newest follower! Stop by and visit me...

  5. Great Jessica! Thanks! I am going over to your blog now.-Yvonne

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