Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Geometry Word Wall Cards and EQ Posters!

Now that Thanksgiving is over I am wrapping up my Geometry unit and moving onto... Measurement!  Both units are so much fun here at the holidays!  There are so many ways to have Christmas fun with nonstandard and standard units of measurement!!!   I plan to make some goodies to share with you all so please keep posted!!!   I also wanted to share with you these Geometry word wall cards and essential question posters.  I placed the EQ cards on my board and the vocabulary cards on the Math Word Wall.  They were great for my formal observation (so glad that is over!!!) My kids really used the word wall cards when we made our shape booklets and wrote about our angle photographs that we took around the school!  I hope you can use them.  Thanks so much!-Yvonne :)


  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are so welcome Dawn! I hope you can use these. :)-Yvonne

  3. what do your shape booklets look like??? I'm intrigued! :)

    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron

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  5. Hi Jen! I have a booklet at school that I use with my students...Shapes, Shapes, All Around Us! As we learn new shapes (plane/solid) we have a page for each. Each page has a blank for the kids to write names of the shapes and the kids must list attributes/descriptors (ex: square- four vertices, four sides, four right angles) Then they list all the things/make pictures that they know are square shaped (ex: picture frames, etc..). We also go around the school taking pictures for a "shape walk" and an "angle walk". This helps trigger ideas as well for them to list items in their books. Another teacher at my school had a cool idea of letting her students take pictures for homework of different "shapes" around their homes and she uploaded those to her class blog under shape name posts. We have lots of fun learning our shapes!!!-Yvonne

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