Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week Three!

Things are going great at school!  I am getting to know my kids and settling into our routine.  What a sweet group.  We started centers last week along with math tubs.  Everyone is learning how to rotate to a new math tub each day and how to read the task cards.  I always stress to the kids to help each other with the task cards and to make sure that everyone in their math tub understands what he/she should be doing.  Math tubs are a "talk time" in my room.  This allows for the students to discuss their math understandings.  I noticed this week that one student was struggling with a base ten activity I had placed in a math tub.  I just watched for a minute to see what she would do.  I was proud to see her ask for the task card and ask the others in her group what to do.  Once she understood the directions, she took off.  I walked over and saw that some of her answers were not quite right. She tended to confuse the hundreds place with the ones.   I stressed that she "discuss" this with her group and ask them to explain the way they figured the place value out.  I stood back and watched as the others "taught" her (they did not give her the answers) how to tell the difference between the ones, tens, and hundreds using base ten blocks.  I was so excited!  They were getting the idea that I am not the only teacher in the room!!!   These are the moments why I love teaching! Thanks!-Yvonne

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