Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back to School Sale

Tonight is the big night!  All summer long I have been wishlisting everything I need to start my year off.  Make sure you check out my new products as well and grab any goodies you might need for yourself.  I will have everything 20% off and with the TpT discount you will get up to 28% off your purchases.  I've just posted my newest product I'd love for you to check out... Class Meeting Scenario Tickets!  Veteran teachers will chuckle at this one.  I've included 40 pretend class/school problems that we've ALL seen or dealt with over the years.  New teachers will love it because it will give them tools to use when these problems arise!  Here you go...
I have been using class meetings for years and absolutely LOVE using scenario tickets.  The made up problem scenarios allow my students opportunities to discuss social problems without the fear of being "Put on the Spot". :)
I have open house tomorrow and am thrilled with my classroom this year.  I plan to take some pictures and share with you all tomorrow.  Included you will see my Class Meeting Bulletin Board where we post our problem and solution webs.  We then take them down and place them in a notebook for a problem solving resource in our classroom.  
I hope you have a great time shopping on TpT tonight starting at midnight!  I know I will.  Have a great start to your school year!-Yvonne

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