Thursday, July 2, 2015

FREE! Surveys in a Snap! (Summer Activity Survey for Graphing)

Hi friends!  I just finished making a graphing packet that I can't wait to use this school year!  Here is a sample of the type of survey from the download...

TODAY ONLY for an introductory discounted price (15% off) you can grab the complete packet to have this school year!

  I love to do graphing activities once a week with my students and sometimes struggle to find all the resources on the run.  This should make my school year MUCH easier!!!  I am going to project the surveys on my Smartboard to collect our class data.  Then we will decide which type of graph we want to build together (bar graph, picture graph, pictograph, or line plot).  Students will also have templates to create their own graphs.  I love that there are ready to print/cut colorful choice tickets for pocket chart graphing as well.  I have a title card and graph labels for each.  Once all graphing activities are complete and we've reviewed our parts of a graph, students will complete their question sheets.  The survey questions are fun and meaningful!
 Let me know if you have any questions.
Enjoy your summer!