Thursday, January 10, 2013

100th Day of School!

Happy new year, sweet friends!  This one is starting off great for me. I hope it is for you, too!  As I was looking through my units planning for this next month I pulled out my 100th day of school folder.   This day is great fun for all of us!  When I taught first grade we always enjoyed grouping our 100's day collections, seeing how many times we could do things (clap hands, bounce balls, etc...) in 100 seconds, and eating our 100's day snack!  We have a great time in second grade even though the kids are beyond grouping tens to make 100.  We practice skills such as:  Graphing how many times you can do physical movements (such as jumping jacks) in 100 seconds on a line plot, word problems involving 100 cents and making change from $1.00, solving equations on a hundreds chart, measuring items around the school that are 100 centimeters or less, and much more!  I appreciate you guys so much for following me here on Sassy in Second.  I wanted to share some of these ideas with you!  Click HERE if you'd like to download these and use them.

Below are some great books you can check out on Amazon if you need 100's day books!  It is always cool to see who can read 100 books in 100 days as well and celebrate that reading incentive with awards on the 100th day of school!  I'd LOVE a video or a Smartboard lesson on the 100th day of school.  Let me know if you know of anything that would be appropriate for my second graders!   I am looking forward to next week and hope you all have a marvelous 100th day with your kiddies!  Thanks!-Yvonne


  1. Thanks for sharing! This is my first year in second grade so I have really enjoyed your posts.

  2. Thank you for the goodies! They will be perfect to use in my classroom! I appreciate the freebie!

  3. Thanks for all the freebies! I really love the bubble map. Your book recommendations are great too. :)

    Granny Goes to School

  4. You are so welcome ladies! Have a fun 100th day of school!-Yvonne :)

  5. My students loved this freebie! It is now in my file for using next year with my 2nd graders. I thought it was such a fun idea, I featured it on my blog with a link to your blog (I hope you don't mind). Stop by and see it featured!

    Lucky In Learning